*I am fasting and praying today but I forgot to sign the pledge and register for tonight’s meeting until now.

*Plz faithfully pray that God Almighty would graciously bring spiritual revival to NK in that, the Gospel of Jesus would penetrate every person's heart & mind and many in NK would come to a saving knowledge of the Truth! <John 3:16-17>

*We stand by then suffering in North Korea the violation of their universal human rights and the lack of Religious Freedom!
Father God Almighty! We Pray for North Korea, Today!
“Raising a People (The Church) to transform a Nation (North Korea)…
North Korea for Jesus and Jesus for North Korea”

* I thank you Lord for your divine intervention for the people of Korea,
For those escaping, and those who are hiding in China and those who are now in South Korea
You unite all of us in your presence seating us together in heavenly places.
Thank you for never leaving us or forsaking us and all the many things you do to provide for us and direct our pathways that lead us to freedom .

* ABBA FATHER, we lift You above all the evil, wickedness and deceit in North Korea. We trust You to watch over and free the precious souls in North Korea, those in hiding, and those who have escaped to freedom! May each one know JESUS as their Savior and Lord of their life, You have good plans for each one! I thank You for the defectors who are so courageous and able to speak out and tell the world what is happening in their homeland. Please encourage and protect each life and redeem this land! In the Mighty Name of JESUS, amen!