*Pray for Korea

*I pray for the people of North Korea every day, that they will be set from the evil tyranny under which they live. I pray that the light of the gospel of Jesus will set them free spiritually and politically. I pray that the evil tyrants who rule their country with an iron, godless fist, will be brought to their knees in repentance.

*Praying continually -- I am trusting that He is able to break the chains of oppression, regime changes, for people to be make free.

*My Prayers, thoughts and Sacrifices are with you in the efforts to bring life and Freedom to North Korea!
We love you, we love them and Jesus Loves them too!
May God Almighty continue to lead and Bless our efforts, together!

*I am very happy and excited to join with many brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for one free Korea.
For the ministry of Jesus in Korea.
A wonderful opporunity for all of us

*Thank you for organizing this. I am honored to participate through prayer and fasting for the North Koreans. May God work in mighty ways to save the North Koreans by causing them to safely relocate to South Korea.I also pray for a spiritual revival in North Korea. Many, many years ago there were many Christians who were free to worship God.
“Greater is He that is in us, than he that is in the world."
“No weapon formed against us shall prosper.”*Mighty Holy Spirit, please move in a great multitude of hearts throughout the world to commit to fasting and praying for North Korea on April 28.

*The country of North Korea has been on my heart and in my prayers for over 20 years. I had the privilege of attending a 3 day conference in southern Ca sponsored by ICC a few years back and leaned so much. I’m so encouraged by the many people and ministries that actively work on behalf of those that not only have a lack of freedom and basic human rights but suffer so much in prison and labor camps.
Thank you all for standing with our brothers and sisters. I look forward to this day of prayer and fasting with all of you.

* I am 11 years old and my grandma told me about this. I think God can help the North Korrean government to let them go. Its like Moses and Pharaoh.

* FATHER, once again we come to You asking for blessings for the North Korean people! They need Your help, JESUS, only You can set them free! We pray FREEDOM for the defectors in Chinese prisons, for those hiding in China and other lands, and for those still in the North ... help the children! Please, dear GOD ... move on their behalf! They have suffered so much in the last more than 70 years under the brutal dictatorships of the Kim family. PLEASE release them from the grip of evil! FATHER, I know Your heart must break for these precious souls as does mine and so many, many others. We plead with you, make Yourself known to all, let them be assured of Your love, Your comfort and Your presence with them wherever they may be. Take the fear away, provide food, clothing, shelter for each precious one. Surround them with Your mighty angels, give them peace in the midst of the storms of their lives! We pray that the evil one will LET YOUR PEOPLE GO! In the Mighty Name of JESUS, amen!